ComforSyst SABrief History of


  • 1st May 1970 - Foundation under the name of Lisboas & Co
    • Average day production : 100 pares for Portuguese Market
    • Medium-high level women shoes
    • About 15 intern workers
    • One accountant, Leonel Santos starts at the company


  • 1980  -   Company starts to produce and export to major brands in Uk
    • Increases production gradually till 1200 pairs a day
    • Intern Workers: 120 people
    • The company creates their own Technical Department 
    • Leonel Santos, after a 2 years course at the Portuguese Technological Shoe School, starts to lead the new Technical Department and is invited by the owners to participate on the capital of Lisboas & Co.
  • 1990 – Leonel Santos buys the entire company
    • Lisboas & Co takes their products to a higher level.  
    • Using 20 years of experience, the company starts to develop new products, from the scratch, for brands like Scholl - Uk, already established on comfort shoes.


  • Year 2000 – Dark Year - Sales drops 50%
    • As a result of China entrance in the World Trade Organization (WTO), most of the key accounts from the company runs to China driven by the low cost products
    • Company reduces workers for 80 people in order to adapt to new reality.
    • Production drops to 600 pairs/day
    • The company manages to keep a few of the old key costumers, vital to maintain the company alive.   


  • A new generation starts at the company, Marcelo Santos, older sun of Leonel Santos, an Industrial Engineer MBA, after a 1 year course at Leicester Shoe School, UK and later Orlando Santos, second sun, Manager MBA and Marketeer.   


  • 2003 – Starts a new era, The Softwaves® project.
    • Made in Portugal, with a high technology & engineering thinking, aiming women over 30’s, young mothers or smart professional women. Pure comfort but with a clear vision of the new fashion, style and sexy. An important step to build up the future
  • International Fairs as GDS, MICAM, MODACALZADO, ISF.TOKYO among many others, brought many international buyers to know and buy Softwaves® around the world.
  • The Santos’s family, creates a share holding company, BBS – SGPS, belonging to the five original members, Leonel, his wife and their three suns in order to organize the family businesses.
  • Lisboas & Co also changes the name to ComforSyst SA “…comfort systems”, more actual to its knowledge, and becomes one of the companies belonging to BBS- SGPS group.


  • 2005 - ComforSyst SA increases activities on shoe engineering, innovation and services.
    • Increases the Investment on strategic markets by promotion and sales structure.
    • German market becomes the major target for Softwaves®.


  • 2009-2014 – Getting near the costumers and new markets
    • In order to control and serve markets better, ComforSyst SA starts to supply Softwaves® directly to the stores trough their own agents.
    • Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Uk, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Norway and Sweden have now a better costumer service  and stores can the contact the brand directly as well as involve their selves on the new developments.
    • One new brand was created, Softwaves® Green Edition. A new concept on a stylish and minimalist design, by the hand of an Architect, Helder Santos, the younger sun of Leonel Santos. 


The Future


  • ComforSyst SA has a clear strategy to grow its own brands on worldwide market based on a development, innovation and costumer care. The company values are the same as the Santos family, honesty, hard work and trust. 

Portugalský výrobca kvalitnej koženej vychádzkovej obuvi s masážnymi stielkami.(