About us

We’re passionate about shoes – and have been for almost a century: back in 1914 Bama founder Curt Baumann laid the international company’s foundation stone in Dresden, Germany. With a craftsman’s flair, tremendous diligence and just 750 Reichsmark in his pocket for a sewing machine and a punching machine, he created his first insole. It was designed to provide the foot with a soft underlay that gently envelops, warms and protects it. At the time, Curt Baumann had only one aim in mind – and we stand by it to this day: to enable lovers of beautiful shoes to live out their passion to the full. No matter which shoes are the object of this love and how long the wearer is on their feet. This idea turned out to be a recipe for success and reached a completely new dimension following the merger with the well-established US-based company S.C. Johnson in 2011. S.C. Johnson Bama GmbH has been one of Europe’s leading shoe specialists to deal in branded goods ever since. Our stock is also continually subject to further development: alongside the established classics, many modern and innovative products are being added to the menuassortment. Above and beyond the sheer multiplicity of Bama’s comfortable solesinsoles, there are also many premium shoe care products and accessories. To ensure that your favourite shoes don’t just feel great, but also stay looking their very best for a long time. 

Traditions and Innovations

What do your feet crave? What do your shoes need? Bama has been asking these questions time and again for almost 100 years now. And that’s why the cardboard sole from the early days has nothing in common with today’s innovative Comfort sole. After all, our customers’ needs are changing in line with their changing lifestyles – we always want to be a step ahead and so are continually working to develop both materials and technologies further.

Our objective is to make your feet even more comfortable and your shoes shine brighter – in the most straightforward way possible so that shoe care quickly and easily picks up the pace of your life. Our secret to success is the perfect combination of close to 100 years of experience and the courage to remain innovative. We’re always ready to break new ground, always cater for our customers’ wishes and, above all, always act out of a love and passion for shoes!